7000 Police Do Not Surround US NATO Air Base in Turkey — Yet


Russia Today has spread what appears to be a false rumor that 7000 police are surrounding the NATO air base in Incirlik. It appears to not be true.

The reports of 7000 police surrounding Incirlik, the vitally important US air base in Turkey, could be a Russian lie based on a poor translation or a desire to deteriorate US-Russian relations. Russia has a stake in destroying NATO which is the most important alliance the US has.

There were 7000 police activated in Adana, not Incirlk on news of a second coup attempt though it is believed the air space around Incirlik is closed.

There are crowds at the base periodically demanding Incirlik be closed and Americans leave.

Incirlik, a US NATO base, is used for strikes against the Islamic State and is only 140 miles from the Syrian border.

We aren’t popular over there thanks to years of Erdogan, our alleged NATO ally.

This is the scene outside Incirlik two days ago.


via The Daily Star